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When you install solar on your home, you make a difference in the environment and your pocketbook. Between attractive state and federal incentives and generous financing programs, solar is now affordable for everyone!

Here you will find information on how solar works, as well as an explanation on rebates, incentives and financing options. We've also assembled answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

How Solar Works

Solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity. Your solar system will generate enough power to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. Here’s how it works:

  1. Solar panels are made up of tiny cells made up of treated silicon - each one collects solar radiation and converts it into an electrical current.
  2. These panels are wired together in series to create an array and the electrical output from that array travels through wires to an inverter typically located near your breaker box.
  3. The inverter converts the electrical current called "Direct Current" (DC) into "Alternating Current" (AC) which is used to run TVs, appliances, computers, etc.
  4. And BAM! you've got solar electric production right on your roof.

So instead of the sun's energy just bouncing off the roof of your house, you're actually harnessing it to safely and quietly generate energy.

Added Benefits of Solar

  1. Net Metering: Any power that you don't use from your solar electric system literally spins your meter backwards and you receive a credit from your utility company.
  2. “Time of Use” Metering: The credits can be applied at retail rates, and in the middle of the day that means your credits stack up quickly. You then draw the power at night when rates are low. What a deal!
  3. Tier Shaving: Further, in most states, the more power you use, the more you are charged based on your tiered usage. Solar helps by eliminating your usage in the high tiers and thus brings down your bills by shaving off the expensive power first.
  4. Rising Utility Costs: Electric rates have historically gone up at a higher rate than inflation over time. So the ability to fix your long term cost of energy yields a higher and higher return on your investment over time.

Saving with Rebates and Incentives

Solar Universe is a full service solar system expert. In addition to design, installation, and follow up, we are dedicated to maximizing your savings by helping you take full advantage of all the available rebates and incentives in your area.

Rebates and incentives vary greatly and is mainly determined by the state you live in and the utility you by power from. Below is an overview of the types of programs that are available.

Federal Tax Credits

Currently, there’s a generous federal tax incentive that helps make solar panels much more affordable. Here’s what the credit entails:

  • There’s a 30% Federal tax credit for the purchase and installation of residential and commercial solar systems.
  • This credit expires at the end of 2016.
  • If you purchase your system: You receive this tax credit when you file your tax returns and we will help you with the necessary paperwork.
  • If you lease your system: You will still be able to take advantage of the 30% tax credit. However, you will receive the benefit immediately, rather than on your tax returns.

State & Utility Rebates

Several states and utility companies offer financing incentives for homeowners and businesses to go solar, saving as much as 50% off your total solar system cost. The amount of rebates available varies greatly by state and utility and can change frequently.

To find out more about the current programs you qualify for in your area give us a call at 866-6-SOLAR-9 (866-676-5279) or get an instant solar estimate online.

What You Will Love About Us

  • Once you say "go" we take care of the permits, equipment, install, rebates ... everything!
  • Our local offices are individually owned and operated.
  • We only work with the best-of-breed products that we have personally tested to perform at the highest standards.
  • Repair and maintenance are included.
  • Our solar energy systems are predesigned, engineered and ready to be permitted. We save time, you save money.